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Sep 03

13. Shaping Our Identity: E0 – Introduction

Shaping Our Identity podcast discusses knowing that God is with us during our journeys, establishing peace, discovering our helpers, walking worthily (which includes knowing our worth), overcoming our bad habits, and healing within our family dynamics. As we share these nuggets, we want to inspire long term transformation. Not temporary quick fixes, but down home take anchor in your soul transformation. Listen to us for inspiration and transformation!

Shaping Our Identity: Introduction
Sep 03

14. Shaping Our Identity: E1 – Eyes that See

Eyes that see understand God and His presence with us throughout every circumstance. It is easy to overlook our surroundings. But God does not want to be overlooked in our lives. He wants us to know that He is visible, He is lush, He is a canopy. In His visibility, we see His power working mightily within us. Take courage, keep your eyes fixed on HIM, and continue in the hope of your calling.

Shaping Our Identity: Eyes that See
Sep 10

15. Shaping Our Identity: E2 – Eyes that Overcome Darkness

God equips us by showing Himself in our hearts to give us light and understanding of Him. However, Satan wants to pull us back into darkness despite God's redemptive efforts. One area where darkness may consume us is when we deal with depression. It is a place where Satan attacks our minds and emotions. A Healing Peace explores coming out of depression.

Shaping Our Identity: Eyes that Overcome Darkness
Sep 17

16. Shaping Our Identity: E3 – Enlighten Eyes

The first tool in the healing process is understanding where you are and that God is besides you during your journey. In fact, He is in your inner-being. Throw off your negative self criticism and view yourself through the eyes of God. Also, A Healing Peace discusses four key steps to having victory over depression. Two keys are prayer and support system. Listen to this episode for the remaining two keys.

Shaping Our Identity: Enlighten Eyes
Sep 24

17. Shaping Our Identity: E4 – We All Want Peace

We all want freedom from disturbance. We want tranquility! Life and relationships demand so much from us. Despite this inevitable truth, God provides peace to us through His Son, Jesus. Not only does He provide peace, but God also promises to heal those who come to Him.

Shaping Our Identity: We All Want Peace
Oct 01

18. Shaping Our Identity: E5 – Reclaiming Peace

What happens when life snatches the promises of God's peace from us? A Healing Peace spends time interviewing a person who reclaimed her peace despite life's disappointments.

Shaping Our Identity: Reclaiming Peace
Oct 08

19. Shaping Our Identity: E6 – Peace that Sustains

God made the promise to restore comfort and heal His people. Sometimes it is hard to grasp this promise when life tells us otherwise. While waiting for the fulfillment of this promise, A Healing Peace provides tools for possessing Peace that Sustains.

Shaping Our Identity: Peace that Sustains
Oct 15

20. Shaping Our Identity: E7 – I Need Strengthening

Have you ever stated, I wish I had help? Or how about, I cannot do this on my own? Lord, please provide the strength that I need to keep making it. Or sometimes just saying, I am done, I do not have any more strength to keep going. I am worn out. A Healing Peace uncovers the help that God provides to strengthen us.

Shaping Our Identity: I Need Strengthening
Oct 22

21. Shaping Our Identity: E8 – Healthy Habits to Remain Strengthen

A Healing Peace identifies the hindrances of possessing renewed strength. We also explore how to be renewed by establishing healthy habits that allow for self-care. A Healing Peace interviews a HeartFelt coach (Life Coaching For Christian Mothers Facebook Group) to provide insight for living a well-balanced and fulfilled life.

Shaping Our Identity: Healthy Habits to Remain Strengthen
Oct 29

22. Shaping Our Identity: E9 – Relying on God’s Strength

A Healing Peace provides tips and tools on how to rely on God's strength versus our own. We identify how to seek assistance from God's helper. A Healing Peace also emphasizes obtaining healthy habits to remain strengthen which ultimately forces us to rely on His strength.

Shaping Our Identity: Relying on God's Strength
Nov 05

23. Shaping Our Identity: E10 – I Am Worthy

A Healing Peace explores not basing our worth on others and their approval of us. Instead, we focus on walking in a manner worthy of our calling which embraces pleasing God and bearing fruit of every good work. God created us for good works and when we walk in them, we proclaim, I AM WORTHY!

Shaping Our Identity: I Am Worthy
Nov 12

24. Shaping Our Identity: E11 – Walking in Worthiness

A Healing Peace interviews a life-coach to bring awareness to the performance and perfection pitfall versus God seeing us as worthy. We also explore shedding false identities to establish a true identity in worthiness.

Shaping Our Identity: Walking in Worthiness
Nov 14

25. Shaping Our Identity: E12 – Walking in Worthiness II

A Healing Peace continues to interview a life-coach to explore removing self-judgment and not giving our power away. The result of these actions allow us to exhibit the attributes of walking worthily.

Shaping Our Identity: Walking in Worthiness II
Nov 19

26. Shaping Our Identity: E13 – No Shame to Be Called Worthy

A Healing Peace emphasizes no longer living in shame of our previous life. Instead, we can rejoice in being a new creation in Christ. In Him, there is no shame to be called worthy. We are worthy!!

Shaping Our Identity: No Shame to Be Called Worthy
Nov 26

27. Shaping Our Identity: E14 – Overcoming Bad Habits

A Healing Peace investigates areas of our lives that do not produce good. We provide insight on how to overcome our bad habits or actions which lead us from God's plan for our lives. By addressing these areas, we allow Jesus to shine upon us.

Shaping Our Identity: Overcoming Bad Habits
Dec 03

28. Shaping Our Identity: E15 – Tools to Turn Bad Habits into Healthy Habits

A Healing Peace talks to a social worker to take a faith-based approach in addressing our fears that keep us from saying no to our bad habits. Facing fears is not an easy process; however, there are steps that we can take with the hope of overcoming fear. While we are overcoming, we no longer stunt our growth.

Shaping Our Identity: Tools to Turn Bad Habits into Healthy Habits
Dec 05

29. Shaping Our Identity: E16 – Tools to Turn Bad Habits into Healthy Habits II

A Healing Peace continues talking to a social worker to establish a plan that allows us to tackle our bad habits. We explore redefining our behavior by using S.M.A.R.T objectives. The outcome creates a plan for our healing journeys that does not shatter our identities, but provide value to our emotional healing.

Shaping Our Identity: Tools to Turn Bad Habits into Healthy Habits
Dec 10

30. Shaping Our Identity: E17 – Good Behaviors that Heal

A Healing Peace discusses making choices that establish good behavior that heals. We also explore a method for long term success in developing healthy habits.

Shaping Our Identity: Good Behaviors that Heal

Dec 17

31. Shaping Our Identity: E18 – Taking a Stand Against Schemes

No one wants to be taken by a scam artist. A Healing Peace reveals schemes by the evil one that prohibits us from living the life God designed for us. We discuss how to have victory over the schemes thrown at us.

Shaping Our Identity: Taking a Stand Against Schemes
Dec 24

33. Shaping Our Identity: E19 – Taking a Stand for Family Wholeness

A Healing Peace talks to a professional counselor to identify common issues within families. We discuss tools for emotional wellness and family relationship development. One tool talked about is interpersonal effectiveness.

Shaping Our Identity: Taking a Stand for Family Wholeness
Dec 26

34. Shaping Our Identity: E20 – Taking a Stand for Family Wholeness II

A Healing Peace continues to speak to a professional counselor to provide tools for emotional calmness instead of reacting during the family conflict. One area discussed is effectively communicating one's feelings during the conflict.

Shaping Our Identity: Taking a Stand for Family Wholeness II
Dec 31

35. Shaping Our Identity: E21 – Standing Firm in Relationships

A Healing Peace identifies Biblical household codes that unify families to bring about family wholeness. We explore two tools that provide healthy dynamics in all relationships.

Shaping Our Identity: Standing Firm in Relationships