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Spiritual Self-Care

In our fourth podcast series, we delve into spiritual self-care. Yes, we will explore exercising our minds and bodies. But more importantly, we will discuss strengthening our inner being, embracing God’s love, and being filled by the fullness of God. As you take this journey with us, we want to inspire possessing your authentic selves and happiness.

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A New You

In season three of our podcast series, we focus on education, connection, and transformation. With the help of life coaches, therapists, and everyday people, we provide faith-based inspiration to mend from emotional hurt along with tools and tips for emotional wellness. In your journey as you apply these tools and tips, you will begin to live the transformed life that you always desired. In fact, you will possess a NEW YOU!!

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Shaping Our Identity

Our series assists with forming our identities and enabling our growth despite our cultural ethos. Our society at times throws challenges our way. However, we do not have to conform to the cultural idealism that keeps us from healing. Our series provides tools, insights, and support for conquering life’s waves. The videos are our latest podcast episodes.

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Moving Beyond Emotional Hurt

Moving Beyond Emotional Hurt explores emotional healing from life’s disappointments and trials. We examine the causes for our emotional pain as well as how to move beyond it. As we move forward, we also reveal God’s support along the way. Join the conversation!

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