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A Healing Peace is a website entity owned by J-Intelligence Networks, Inc. J-Intelligence Networks (JINTEL) is a nonprofit organization that promotes the message of healing through Jesus Christ. Our mission is to use faith-based and therapeutic tools to empower women in their emotional health and wellness process. These tools educate, connect, and transform into the abundant life that God provides.


Have you ever questioned is there more to life? Unfortunately, our life experiences minimize our value, worth, and confidence in our identity. When this occurs, we stop living the purposed filled life that God designed for us. Therefore, our primary goal is to empower women on their emotional wellness and healing journeys with faith-based and therapeutic tools. We want to inspire releasing the hurt, pain, and busyness of life to receive emotional healing from God. As we do this, we can live in the moment with confidence while staying true to ourselves. We own our values, beliefs, and identity. We embrace God’s unconditional love while loving ourselves with tenderness and care. We resolutely take back the life that God designed for us!


To fulfill this mission, we devised an approach to help transform lives so that emotional and interpersonal hurt do not prevail.


Step 1: Our team develops Biblically based tools to engage with women on an individual level. These resource tools are self-paced which allows women to remain on their healing journey one step at a time.


Step 2: Our team establishes and promotes a safe place where women can connect with one another. By connecting, women receive the necessary support to no longer pursue their healing journeys in isolation. However, we know that relationships are one facet in a support system. We expand this system by providing qualified individuals (Christian counselors, life coaches, and certified professionals) to address specific dimensions of the healing journey. Together, we embrace a community where connection mends the soul.


We envision women’s deliverance from emotional and interpersonal hurt to an intimate union with God.