Helen Granskog

Helen Granskog

Helen Granskog

Helen Granskog is a Certified Wellness Coach passionate about helping women find balance in the midst of a fast-paced, hectic life. She helps Christian mothers who are busy homeschooling and have a side hustle find time and peace for themselves.

Her desire and passion to help women comes from her own journey to find balance in her life. While her husband was going through Pharmacy school, she kept all the plates spinning as a mother, wife, member of the community and her church. As she managed the different areas of life, the people around her were happy and content. However, she was not. She felt overwhelmed and discouraged while not knowing why. She took time to reflect and pray. She wanted to identify what was contributing to the imbalance. She wanted to understand why she was not happy. She looked at her self-care, nutrition, relationship with God, time in nature, sleep, and relationships in the community. She realized that she was busy taking care of everybody else and was not making any time for herself. She was neglecting her self-care. After a few conversations with her husband, she decided to make some changes in her life. She started making time for things that filled her up and brought her joy. She started spending time with friends, making time to go to running races, and started doing other activities that she had neglected. Once she identified the missing piece, she was able to serve more completely and fully. Her spirit and presence were different as her needs were now being met and filling her up.

Her experience inspired a passion in her to help other women. She helped facilitate wellness workshops with other women. She saw them be transformed and achieve balance. Realizing that she could help others in this way led her to pursue certification as a wellness coach. As she started coaching, she realized that her clients needed and appreciated her help but could not always afford it. She saw no way around the inability to pay until she joined the HeartFelt movement of coaches. She can now help many women find balance and no longer have finances as a barrier. With a pro-bono/pay what you can coaching model, she is now able to help many more women.

As a homeschooling mother and network marketing professional, she understands the need for balance and uses a holistic approach to help women get it! They work together to find balance by looking at all areas of life with the understanding that everything is connected. Together, they examine sleep, nutrition, spirituality, thoughts, exercise, relationships, time in nature, and job satisfaction to help overcome whatever is out of balance. Together, they identify the key challenges and develop a plan to achieve the balance that is missing.

Proverbs 31 can be done!

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