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Dec 08

94. A New You: E56 – Dynamic Emotional Wellness (Tools & Tips)

Do you want some practical methods for taking care of your emotional health? Have you ever asked yourself where should I begin with emotional and spiritual self-care? A Healing Peace identifies principles for taking care of ourselves instead of feeling guilty. We also explore owning our true identity to guide us to a purposeful life. […]
Nov 24

93. A New You: E55 – Dynamic Emotional Wellness

Do you want emotional wellness activities that promote good emotional health? A Healing Peace provides examples for self-care and developing one’s identity. We explore the benefits of learning who you are and discovering the truth to create a lifestyle for healthy living. Learn how to fuel the good within to produce more good.
Nov 17

92. A New You: E54 – Healing for Emotional Pain (Tools & Tips)

Have you taken the time needed to strengthen your inner self? Do you want additional support for a transformed you? Ready to stand stronger and get to the next level! A Healing Peace provides tips for how to heal emotionally. Learn steps for healing from emotional wounds.
Nov 10

91. A New You: E53 – A Journey of Healing for Emotional Pain

Have you ever felt embarrassed by your emotional hurt or trauma? Or wondered where is God in the midst of it all? Perhaps, you realized that stuffing the pain has caused more harm. A Healing Peace is interviewed and discusses a journey from trauma to healing. In the journey, A Healing Peace reveals the power […]
Nov 03

90. A New You: E52 – Overcoming to Find Joy (Tools & Tips)

How do we obtain emotional freedom that leads to joy? A Healing Peace provides practical tips for overcoming anxiety while examining techniques that promote self-care. Learn how to improve emotional stability by connecting with God and oneself.
Oct 27

89. A New You: E51 – Finding Joy in the Journey Pt. 2 (Overcoming Anxiety)

Is it possible to find joy when the struggle is real? Or is overcoming anxiety possible when life is difficult? A Healing Peace continues to interview a licensed professional counselor to discuss our mental health during this season. We review self-care principles, emotional boundaries, and overcoming anxiety bible verses. Learn how to develop a plan […]
Oct 20

88. A New You: E50 – Finding Joy in the Journey

Have you felt during this year that the world has gone crazy? Perhaps you have faced adversity (job loss, homebound, health issues, financial difficulties). Or maybe you are facing adversity with your faith. A Healing Peace interviews a licensed professional counselor to discuss building resilience and finding joy. Learn how God is actively working in […]
Oct 13

87. A New You: E49 – Overcoming Tough Times

Have you ever needed encouragement for tough times? Or maybe you have cried asking God to help me through this tough time? A Healing Peace reveals what to do when everything that brings you comfort and peace leaves. Learn how God helps us through difficult times.
Oct 06

86. A New You: E48 – Rooted in Self-Worth (Tools & Tips)

Cultivating Self-Worth Do you want a cheat sheet to tackle that critical inner me voice to understand your self-worth? A Healing Peace explores bible verses about our self-worth to deepening our faith roots in Christ. In Him, we can combat our fears and remove self-judgment. Learn how to secure and to be rooted in your […]
Sep 29

85. A New You: E47 – Rooted in Self-Worth Pt.2

Do you have an inner me that tells you that you are not measuring up? A Healing Peace continues to interview a life-coach to explore removing self-judgment and not giving our power away. Learn how these two actions allow us to be rooted in our self-worth while demonstrating the attributes of worthiness.