Nov 02

137. Spiritual Self-Care: E43 - Moving Beyond Fear to Purpose

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Has fear stopped you in your tracks? Want to move beyond fear to purposeful living? A Healing Peace reveals the power of your designed purpose, which overshadows your inadequacies and fear. Learn how Jesus wants to use your experiences to impact others.

Spiritual Self-Care: E43 - Moving Beyond Fear to Purpose

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Moving Beyond Fear to Purpose

In This Episode

God wants us to be successful. He wants us to embrace His purpose in our lives. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about the story of Jesus gathering His first disciple (LUKE 5:1-10), her adventure in Afghanistan, and fears you need to renounce to realign with your designed purpose. She also shares some insights on the different tips that can help us push beyond our fears and align with God’s purpose. Tune in to learn different ways that help to move beyond fears and align with your designed purpose.


[03:28] Jesus gathers His first disciples

[05:54] Jesus’ response to Simon’s statement

[07:55] Kemir Baker’s adventure in Afghanistan

[10:35] Fears to renounce to realign with your designed purpose

[14:39] Tips to push beyond our fears and align with the purpose that God has created for us

[14:50] Identify one area where fear and feeling inadequate have limited your growth

[17:50] Pay close attention to the natural capabilities that others reveal about you

[20:41] Focus on your strength


  • God wants you to be in your designed purpose.
  • There is something specifically poured into you that God wants you to pour out into others.
  • Even though people may say negative things about you, they are not the elements that God says about you.
  • Journaling provides clarity and understanding to your emotions and thoughts which help in expressing yourself to others.
  • Journaling boosts your confidence.

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