Oct 12

134. Spiritual Self-Care: E40 - Spiritual and Emotional Connection

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What hinders you from having a spiritual and emotional connection with God? Do you think that God is angry or disappointed with you? A Healing Peace speaks with a life coach, Dee Ann Higgins to examine our experiences, which shape our perceptions and distance us from others. Learn how to reconnect spiritually and emotionally with our Creator.

Spiritual Self-Care: E40 - Spiritual and Emotional Connection

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Spiritual and Emotional Connection

In This Episode

Whenever you feel like you could not do more wrong, dirty, or worse, the very God of Heaven is running towards you with open arms. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks with Dee Ann Higgins, a life coach. Dee Ann talks about what she learned about God, how we perceive our emotions, and how God acts with us in our emotions. She also talks about getting back to a place of connecting with God. Tune in to learn more about reconnecting spiritually and emotionally with our Creator.


[02:11] Dee Ann’s background information

[06:45] How we perceive our emotions and how God acts with us in our emotions

[07:59] What Dee Ann learned about God and how He works

[13:46] How the elements of “I have to be perfect” and “God is yelling at me” manifest in everyday life

[19:22] Kemir Baker’s experience blocking Gods voice by her desires and emotions

[21:49] Getting back to a place of connecting with God

[26:00] The parable of the prodigal son

[32:19] The delightful God


  • There are so many things in our lives that prohibit us from being who we want to be, and that is why we do the podcast. We bring us back to how God created us and back to a place where we can enjoy life.
  • God cares about our emotional wellness just as much as our spiritual connection with Him.
  • God is the creator of emotions.
  • Our emotions are a key part of our relationship with God, ourselves and, others.
  • God longs for us to get back to Him no matter what state we are in. We do not have to be perfect.
  • As a believer, as someone who has received the knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God when God looks at you, He only sees clean. He only sees you as righteous.

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