May 18

114. Spiritual Self-Care: E20 - Winner Mindset Pt. 2

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Want to succeed when an opportunity knocks on the door? Are you ready to start your next adventure? A Healing Peace continues to interview Kristin Dehring Railton, Home & Wellness Mompreneur and reveals the power of being secure in your authentic self while pursuing God's designed purpose for you. Learn how gratitude and authenticity inspire a winning attitude and mindset.

Spiritual Self-Care: E20 - Winner Mindset Pt. 2

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Winner Mindset Pt. 2

In This Episode

Mindset is everything. It separates the best from the rest. In this episode, Kristin Dehring Railton, a Home & Wellness Mompreneur, talks about developing strength, embracing identity and, practicing gratitude that helps a winner’s mindset. Tune in to listen and learn how to develop a winning attitude and mindset while pursuing God’s purpose.

[01:30] About Kristin Railton
[04:42] The turning point
[07:55] Interesting things in network marketing
[11:25] Gratitude and how it helps develop a winning mindset
[15:47] Strengthening your elements with gratitude
[21:29] Embracing your identity
[22:46] Kristin’s network marketing journey


  • Not being desperate leads to more freedom.
  • Listening to your body helps to make better life choices.
  • It is essential to believe in what you are doing.
  • If you are willing to go the distance with God, he will open up so many doors.
  • We are more than conquerors.

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