Four Principles to Emotional Healing: Finding the Truth

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Your emotions are not fact checkers. When dealing with self-doubt isolate your emotions against the facts. When you do, you will realize that you have nothing to doubt at all. ~ Kemir Baker

The second principle for emotional healing is finding the truth. I must admit that I am terrible at implementing what I am about to share. However, I truly understand the value when I am able to pull up my big girl pants and take control of emotions that keep me from being successful. Finding the truth covers all aspects of our healing journeys, especially when dealing with self-doubt. It is always crucial in determining the facts about a given situation versus our emotions. In terms of self-doubt, it is usually based on emotions and not the facts.

Challenge: If you choose to accept, your challenge is to review a situation where you are experiencing self-doubt. First, write out your emotions about the given situation. Then, write out the facts about the situation. I firmly believe you will notice that the facts outweighs the doubt.

God said you are, Jesus said I am. Like Jesus Claim who you are by stating I am cherished, loved, beautiful, worthy… ~ Kemir Baker

Have you ever reviewed the seven I AM statements made by Jesus? Jesus clearly defined His identity and abilities in His statements. Sometimes self-doubt chokes the life out of us because we do not have a firm grasp on our identity and or what makes us a blessing to others. We have strengths but so often focus on our weaknesses. Like Jesus, I would like us to examine the truth to who are we. When we are able to quickly say, I am intelligent, I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am loved, I am cherished; it is so much easier to kick self-doubt in the butt!

Challenge: The challenge that I will give you, most people do not complete it. A small few may complete it, but never own it! If you choose to accept, your challenge is to write out your personal, I AM statements. Who are you as God has determined?

Your Path Differs from others. Stay on the path that God designed for you while completing his work. ~ Kemir Baker

Are you feeling the burn yet? There is more! I must admit that I have the tendency to compare myself to others. When I compare myself normally self-doubt arises. Yes, self-doubt arises when we compare ourselves to others. I am confident that you have your own stories to tell about comparing yourself. I will admit that as I go down the comparison journey, God slaps me on the back of the neck to say, “Woman, do what I told you to do.” “Stop comparing yourself, but follow through on the path that I have placed you.” Thus, the challenge becomes not to compare, but rather focus on what God is telling me or you to do. Simply, complete my work!

Challenge: If you choose to accept, your challenge is to write out what you know God has told you to do in your life. This challenge requires time and prayer as you are determining your purpose. You may get frustrated at first. But do not give up! There is something that only you can do on your journey that is completely different than my journey. When you focus on your journey, I am confident that you will minimize the need to compare yourself to others on their journeys.

When we stop trying to be perfect, we stop giving self-doubt power! ~ Kemir Baker

I am not perfect! Say what! Yes, I am not perfect. This statement causes problems for those who have the perfection syndrome. Yes, that is me! Nevertheless, self-doubt usually arises when we realize that we are not perfect. We focus on our shortcomings; I am less of a person in some way. But what happens when you embrace your imperfections. Instead, you realize that God fills in the gaps where you fall short. You draw closer to HIM and see HIS perfect qualities. When we stop trying to be perfect, then we stop giving self-doubt power. As the scripture says (2 Cor 12:9-11), for when I am weak, then I am strong.

Challenge: If you choose to accept, your challenge is to write out areas of your life where you feel weak. Then write out how God has made provisions for your weaknesses.

Self-doubt is a beast! I deliberately used the word tackle versus conquer self-doubt. To me conquer means that it should never come back. However, tackle means that we are repeatedly at war with something. You will have good and bad days as you tackle self-doubt. In your journey, remember to find the truth (discover the facts, know who you are, remain on God’s path, know that you are not perfect). The Bible says, “The truth will set you free.” Embrace those moments where you gained freedom from self-doubt. Go ahead and claim your ongoing victories!