Healthy Habits for Strength and Balance

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About the Author: Helen Granskog

Secret Sauce
As women, we are used to doing it all and being martyrs for the cause. However, we do not have to be. When we choose to give our all with no concern for ourselves, we are left feeling overwhelmed, resentful, and bitter. We are actually more effective, joyful, and fulfilled when we take time for ourselves. We also have to ensure that our needs are met and addressed.

Nuts and Bolts
As much as we want to be at peace and have balance, we often walk around in a state of overwhelm, discouragement, or resentment. We do not understand why we are experiencing these emotions. We only realize that we are not happy even when circumstances and others around us are. To find balance and peace in the midst of a busy life of honoring God, homeschooling, and having a side hustle several steps are necessary.

The scenario of going through steps 1 – 5:

Step 1
In the midst of day to day life, someone realizes that they feel unsettled. When she stops to examine it further, she realizes that she lacks her usual passion and zeal. She is actually discouraged, resentful, and critical.

Step 2
Having identified her feelings, she takes time to figure out the root cause of them. She takes time to rate her level of satisfaction in the following areas: relationship with God, exercise, nutrition, community activities, family relationships, sleep, time in nature, learning, job, and self-care. 1 is very dissatisfied and 10 is very satisfied.

Step 3
After spending time rating the different areas of her life, she realizes that she is least satisfied in the three main areas. These areas are nutrition, learning, and relationship with God.

Step 4
Looking at the three areas where she is least satisfied, she selects one area to focus on first, her relationship with God. Looking at her relationship with God, she decides on three goals that will help to bring it back into balance. The three goals she chooses are to spend more focused time in reading the Bible, to share about God more actively with others, and to not be selfish with her time in connecting with others.

Step 5
Having identified the three goals, she develops habits that will help achieve her goals. For a focused time in reading the Bible, she establishes a daily habit to sit and read the Bible for 20 minutes during breakfast. For sharing about God, she develops the habit of starting conversations with people during her errands. For not being selfish, she develops the habit of scheduling time with at least one friend each week.