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Apr 07

54. A New You: E18 – I Will Say Words That Strengthen Me

Are you having difficulty thinking positively? Are you making negative comments about yourself or others? A Healing Peace discusses how life and death reside in what we speak to ourselves and one another. Take a moment to learn a method to reinforce positive thinking while saying words that strengthen you. (Lyrics by Laura Diagle – […]
Apr 03

53. A New You: E17 – I Will Meditate

Are you ready to infuse your spirit with goodness? A Healing Peace highlights scriptures about who we are in God and His love for us!
Mar 31

52. A New You: E16 – I Will Not Be Afraid to Rest (Tools & Tips for Biblical Meditation)

Have you ever felt uncertain, inadequate, or flawed? Or has someone else’s opinion forced you to re-evaluate who you are as a person? How do we overcome experiences that damage our perceptions of ourselves? A Healing Peace provides tools and tips for resting in God’s assurance. Learn how resting in Him fosters certainty, security, and […]
Mar 24

50. A New You: E14 – I Will Exhale (Releasing Emotions)

Are you experiencing physical problems from worrying or stress? Is your body screaming for emotional release? A Healing Peace continues to interview Jheni Solis (yoga teacher and author) about releasing excessive emotions. Learn how unresolved emotions are stored in the body. Take the journey to learn techniques to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit.
Mar 17

48. A New You: E12 – I Know Who I Am (Biblical Meditation)

Has life gotten you stressed out? Are you having difficulty with gaining confidence and peace? A Healing Peace speaks with Jheni Solis (yoga teacher and author) about the power of Biblical meditation. Learn the difference between contemplation and Biblical meditation. We explore how Biblical meditation allows you to experience your relationship with God like you […]
Mar 10

46. A New You: E10 – I Believe What The Bible Says About Me

How often do you say positive statements to yourself to help you overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts? How often do you believe the statements that God makes about you? A Healing Peace examines what the Bible says who we are in God. When we embrace these trues, we challenge our self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. We […]