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May 19

65. A New You: E28 – How to Prevail Through Tough Times (Tools & Tips for Mindfulness)

Have you ever felt tired of life’s little nagging things? Whoever said growth is easy lied! A Healing Peace explores our common response to being bombarded and feeling overwhelmed. Instead of remaining in a state of exhaustion, A Healing Peace provides tools and tips for moving beyond the fatigue to having victories over challenges.
May 12

64. A New You: E27 – Feeling Empowered (Practicing Mindfulness) II

Are you ready to push beyond the stagnation to pursue personal development and growth? A Healing Peace continues to highlight episodes that embrace achieving mindfulness. Sometimes it is necessary to hear good information a second time to gain new insights while keeping us on our growth path. Take a moment to reinforce practical techniques to […]
May 05

63. A New You: E26 – Feeling Empowered (Practicing Mindfulness)

Do you want to take the challenge of being and feeling empowered? Are you ready to instill self-assurance and self-awareness? A Healing Peace highlights episodes that provide insight for achieving mindfulness. Learn how to focus your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. When you practice […]
May 01

62. A New You: E25 – I Will Overcome (Playlist)

Listen now! For our last playlist, we want to go out in style, by having you dance to the fact that we are all overcomers. Yes, we are! The music selected will have you sing and confidentially say that with God, you can still achieve all things. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel […]
Apr 28

61. A New You: E24 – Dealing With Isolation (Tools & Tips)

Are you frustrated with dealing with isolation? Have you made conclusions on how you should be responding to isolation? A Healing Peace examines how drawing conclusions can lead to more frustration. Learn practical tools and tips for being successful during this unsettling time. These tools and tips will allow you to embrace mental alertness and […]
Apr 24

60. A New You: E23 – I Will Survive (Playlist)

We are back at it! A Healing Peace’s Playlist: I Will Survive. Listen now! You will hear: Hillsong United – Good Grace, Sunday Service Choir – Rain, Tauren Wells feat Davies – The Worship Medley: Reckless Love, O Come to the Altar, Great Are You Lord, Sounds of Blackness – Hold on (Change Is Comin’), […]
Apr 21

59. A New You: E22 – Real Talk About Isolation II (Mindfulness)

Have your emotions been on overload? Have you had moments where you needed to deal with anger, anxiety, or depression? A Healing Peace continues interviewing Professional Counselor, Bev Ozanne to discuss normalized experiences. Learn how to focus on healthy self-care by exploring the six F’s.
Apr 17

58. A New You: E21 – I Will Recover (Playlist)

Are you ready to dance and praise your way through recovery? Listen now! A Healing Peace is excited about our second playlist. Take a listen to songs that encourage inner healing. VaShawn Mitchell – Joy, Brandon Lake featuring Tasha Cobbs – This is a Move, Fred Hammond – No Weapon Formed Against Me, Pat Barrett […]
Apr 14

57. A New You: E20 – Real Talk About Isolation (Grief Recovery)

Have you had moments where you thought I should not be thinking this way as we deal with isolation? A Healing Peace speaks with a Professional Counselor, Bev Ozanne to discuss normal responses to isolation. We also explore the impact of grief and provide practical tips for grief recovery.
Apr 10

55. A New You: E19 – I Will Praise (Playlist)

It is finally here; A Healing Peace’s first playlist! Listen now! Music tells a story and it sure does sound good too. The selected songs reveal people fighting through their insecurities, challenges, fatigue, and everything else. But they always come out on the end, because they held onto God. Laura Diagle – You Say, Marvin […]