Jan 12

96. Spiritual Self-Care: E2 - Combatting Emotional Shutdowns

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Stuck in a time-out rut? Overwhelmed by life? It is quite common to feel pressured, stressed, or overwhelmed. How we manage our emotions is key for combatting emotional shutdowns. A Healing Peace discusses the meaning of emotionally shutting down, why we do it, and the actions involved when we do it. A Healing Peace explores biblical and practical strategies to bypass the negative effects of an emotional shutdown. Learn how God meets our needs and strengthen us despite life's chaos.

Spiritual Self-Care: E2 - Combatting Emotional Shutdowns

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Combatting Emotional Shutdowns

In This Episode

It is pretty common to feel pressured or stressed. How we deal with our emotions is critical for combating emotional shutdowns. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about understanding our emotional shutdowns and how to overcome them. Tune in to listen to how God pulled her through an emotional shutdown and how He helped Elijah, Jesus, and David overcome their emotional shutdowns.

[03:11] Understanding our emotional shutdowns
[03:50] Overcoming emotional shutdowns
[04:52] Kemir’s experience in emotional shutting down
[06:43] Actions that are involved in emotional shutdowns
[08:53] God’s response to Elijah shutting down
[09:50] Practical techniques for moving beyond shutting down phase
[14:29] The challenges Kemir faced
[18:15] One Night Miami movie


  • We are not the only ones experiencing a moment of shutting down; in the Bible, Elijah shut down and fled out of fear (1 KINGS).
  • The best technique for moving beyond the shutting down phase is reading the Bible.
  • In those moments when we want to shut down, God always pulls us through.
  • If we pray to God, he answers and strengthens us.
  • Even though challenges are complex, God reveals himself during the toughest moments.
  • There is nothing wrong with taking some time out but rise again after the break.

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