Jan 05

95. Spiritual Self-Care: E1 - Personal Growth and Development

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Are you excited that 2020 is over? Do you have goals to improve your life for 2021? Each year, most devise plans to start over or pursue personal growth. A Healing Peace discusses one principle for spiritual and personal growth. Learn a key for self-awareness and spiritual understanding.

Spiritual Self-Care: E1 - Personal Growth and Development

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Personal Growth and Development

In This Episode

Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about spiritual self-care, personal growth, and how God provides victory. She also shares her story about God doing great things in her life. Tune in to listen to how you can heal from emotional wounds and what God reveals in our hearts.

[02:18] Possessing a new you
[02:53] Spiritual self-care
[03:49] Personal growth
[06:48] We are more than conquerors
[07:45] God provides victory
[10:50] What God reveals in our hearts
[12:33] A Healing Peace online course
[14:22] Course introduction highlight
[16:16] Being human


  • As we continue with our emotional wellness journey, cultivate and nourish who we are as people.
  • ROMANS 8:37 - No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loves us.
  • DEUTERONOMY 20:4 - For the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you the victory.
  • The Lord does not disappoint.
  • Healing takes time.
  • To calm your spirit, understand that God is with you.

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