Apr 27

111. Spiritual Self-Care: E17 - Emotional Health (Tools & Tips)

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Are you frustrated with dealing with the pandemic and our new normal? Have you made conclusions on how you should be responding to difficult situations? A Healing Peace explores how conclusions can lead to more frustration. Learn practical tools and tips for embracing mental clarity and emotional stability.

Spiritual Self-Care: E17 - Emotional Health (Tools & Tips)

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Emotional Health (Tools & Tips)

In This Episode

You cannot avoid difficulties. Instead, you must work through them. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about discovering your mantra that influences calmness, shifting from panic to gratitude, breaking replay thoughts, practicing mindfulness, and focusing on healthy self-care. Tune in to listen to the different tools you can use to embrace mental clarity and emotional stability.

[05:17] Establishing A Healing Peace internship program
[10:34] Turning to God during anger, anxiety, and depression
[11:56] Discovering your mantra
[12:37] Sharing your experiences and connecting with others
[13:08] Shifting from panic to gratitude
[13:47] Praying through the things you cannot control
[14:07] Breaking replay thoughts
[15:31] Discovering the root cause of emotions
[16:00] Practicing mindfulness
[16:44] Focusing on healthy self-care
[17:52] Working through grief


  • We are never the same. We are evolving and changing.
  • Present our challenges to God and ask him for the answer or direction.
  • God has all the answers.
  • To stop replaying events, talk to God about them.
  • God is not timid in answering questions and being sought after.
  • Grief cannot be avoided. It must be worked through.

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