May 04

112. Spiritual Self-Care: E18 - More Than Conquerors

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Do you believe that you are more than a conqueror? Do you know that God wants us to be victorious? A Healing Peace identifies a method to triumph over adversity. No matter our hardships and pains, we will conquer all things through the love of Christ. Learn how you can conquer and overcome your circumstances with God.

Spiritual Self-Care: E18 - More Than Conquerors

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More Than Conquerors

In This Episode

You may suffer many defeats in this life, but you are not a loser. You are a winner! In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about having a mindset that produces changes, surviving through challenges, being victorious through Christ and, launching into our better self. Tune in to learn how you can conquer and overcome your circumstances with God.

[02:12] Having a mindset that produces changes
[06:04] The evolution of caterpillars
[08:47] Surviving through challenges
[10:12] Being conquerors through Christ
[16:29] The love of God
[18:53] Launching into our better selves


  • The benefit of changing our thinking allows us not to be regulated by our emotions and circumstances.
  • Any type of growth comes from challenges.
  • ROMANS 8:36-37 - As it is written for your sake, we are being killed all day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered. No, in all these things, we are regarded as more than conquerors through him who loves us.
  • When we feed ourselves with God’s love, the love protects us.
  • God will always protect us.
  • God wants us to be victorious.

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