Jun 29

120. Spiritual Self-Care: E26 - Faith & Emotions

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How can our Christian walk complement our emotions? How do we address our emotional wounds while developing our spiritual growth? A Healing Peace examines good mental and emotional health with the support of God. Learn how God is a safe place for healing our emotional wounds.

Spiritual Self-Care: E26 - Faith & Emotions

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Faith and Emotions

In This Episode

Faith and emotions are essential attributes to positive thinking. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about establishing an intimate relationship with God for emotional healing, understanding our identity in God, the journey of healing, and the healing power of God. Tune in to learn how you can address your emotional wounds while developing your spiritual growth.

[06:00] About Kemir Baker
[07:30] The healing power of God
[10:12] Seeking help outside the church
[13:59] Intimate relationship with God for emotional healing
[17:32] About A Healing Peace Podcast
[19:10] The healing journey
[19:50] Understanding our identity in God


  • God wants us to go to him for healing.
  • If you go to a therapist or counselor does not mean you are weak, lack faith, or that God does not know you.
  • Often, we should have a pastor, a coach, and a therapist in our lives because they all serve a different purpose.
  • Sometimes the hurt can be so intense that we cannot see God working on our behalf.
  • Sometimes it is good for us to do some reflecting work to realize that we have matured.

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