Jun 22

119. Spiritual Self-Care: E25 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs (Tools & Tips)

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Are you ready to release your limiting beliefs? Do you want strategies that help you maintain a positive belief system? A Healing Peace identifies the self-awareness required to alter your belief system. Learn how God designed you to reach heights in your belief system.

Spiritual Self-Care: E25 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs (Tools & Tips)

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Releasing Limiting Beliefs (Tools & Tips)

In This Episode

It is the power of belief that causes things to happen in our lives. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about identifying limiting beliefs, addressing the wound behind the belief, finding a support team and, replacing a limiting belief with a positive belief. Tune in to learn the different tactics you can use to release the limiting beliefs holding you back.

[05:33] Identifying one limiting belief
[07:35] Addressing the wound behind the belief
[08:59] Finding a support team
[10:04] Replacing limiting beliefs with positive beliefs
[11:55] Challenging limiting beliefs
[12:44] Doing breathing exercises
[14:23] Feeding your brain
[16:30] Increasing healthy physical activities
[18:00] Finding time to rest
[19:10] Not giving up


  • Life can be hard no matter what generation, what reason, or what time frame.
  • Our attempts for healthy lifestyle help to repair or retain our brain, especially when we experience trauma.
  • Trauma may not always represent itself in the form of neglect or abuse but also includes emotional wounds from our interactions with others.
  • God’s word anchors, transforms and releases elements of ourselves that are not achievable by ourselves.
  • Physical activity is not just exercising but also puzzles, games, exciting conversations, and hobbies.
  • The enemy leaves us alone when we are in the cycle of defeat, but as soon as we start to break the cycle, he attacks.

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