Mar 09

104. Spiritual Self-Care: E10 - Tackling Fear & Embracing Grace (Tools & Tips)

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Want a cheat sheet for tackling fear and disappointments? Want to explore how God wants to carry us during our life challenges? A Healing Peace puts the pieces together to provide techniques for conquering our current hardships. Learn how to take steps to overcome fear and embrace your grace.

E10 - Tackling Fear & Embracing Grace (Tools & Tips)

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Tackling Fear & Embracing Grace (Tools & Tips)

In This Episode

Anxiety can stop you in your tracks and hold you back. It’s not easy to face your fears and push through them, but it’s essential. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about tools and tips for tackling fear, staying in the race and, trusting God’s grace. Tune in to listen to how we can refuse evil spirits, conquer fear, and embrace grace.

[02:00] Staying in the race
[07:16] Refusing evil spirits and conquering fear
[08:40] Tools and tips for tackling fear
[09:09] Altering our course due to fear
[11:40] Trusting God’s grace
[13:17] Being consumed by what-ifs
[13:50] Finding a safe community for sharing our experiences
[15:00] Getting a counselor
[15:31] Thinking about others in a positive way
[15:47] Establishing a prayer routine
[16:35] Allowing God’s grace to influence your life


  • God knows our challenges, and he brings us comfort through his word.
  • God is with us; he loves us and will get us through our challenges.
  • God is the trainer who gets down and teaches us how to respond lovingly and righteously during fear.
  • We have to trust that no matter what, God will give us the grace we deserve.
  • For God to work with your desire to pray, start by having the desire.
  • God chips away our fears to expose them so that we can place our trust in him and surrender to him.

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