Jun 01

116. Spiritual Self-Care: E22 - Finding Hope

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During tough times, have you asked, "Where can I find hope in the Bible"? Or, you may ask, "Can tragedy and hope coexist"? A Healing Peace explores a biblical story about finding hope in God. Learn how challenging circumstances can produce negative thought patterns that lead to our limiting beliefs.

Spiritual Self-Care: E22 - Finding Hope

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Finding Hope

In This Episode

Hope is a powerful force. When you know what to hope for, hold it like a light within you. Embracing hope creates a space for miraculous experiences. In this episode, In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about the challenges Hannah faced in the Bible and how she found hope, the presence of God in our challenging times, emotional distress caused by life disappointments, and the healing power of God. Tune in to learn how difficulties can produce negative thoughts that lead to our limiting beliefs.

[02:30] Effects of Covid-19
[03:30] Finding God’s hope in challenging times
[04:00] The story of Hannah in the Bible
[12:16] Emotional distress caused by life disappointments
[14:28] Questioning our identity
[20:03] The healing power of God


  • If you are grieving and feel like something is not right in your life, pray to God for answers.
  • When you pray, God will answer.
  • God is with us always.
  • Sometimes we carry our wounds and forget that God wants to heal us.
  • Do not feel ashamed of crying. Do not forget that our desired outcome does not always happen right away.

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