Jun 08

117. Spiritual Self-Care: E23 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs

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What is the difference between a limiting belief and a positive belief? What beliefs do you have about yourself that limit you? A Healing Peace speaks with a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor, Sindhu Jefferson on the cause and development of limiting beliefs. We explore the brain patterns and return to a flourishing state. Learn how God created our brains to heal.

Spiritual Self-Care: E23 - Releasing Limiting Beliefs

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Releasing Limiting Beliefs

In This Episode

Our success is measured by personal beliefs, not by others’ standards or beliefs. In this episode, Sindhu Jefferson, a professional counselor, talks about the origin and examples of limiting beliefs, valid aspects of limiting beliefs, positive beliefs, and how we can shift our brain into a positive mindset. Tune in to learn the difference between limiting and positive beliefs and how we can retrain our brains and return to a flourishing state.

[01:33] About Sindhu Jefferson
[05:51] Background information on limiting beliefs
[06:06] Definition of belief
[06:40] Examples of positive beliefs
[08:58] The origin of limiting beliefs
[12:51] Valid aspects of limiting beliefs
[15:33] Surviving and thriving in our beliefs
[19:18] Shifting our brains into a positive mindset


  • If you want to know the truth of who you are, go and read the Bible.
  • Personal beliefs depend on the environment in which we are thrust, the people we are around, the words spoken to us, and the experiences and wounds we bear.
  • To survive, take the situation in hand and find a way to adapt.
  • We are created in God’s image, and he gave his life so that we can have freedom and life in abundance.
  • God is always preparing and developing things so that we can heal.
  • We have these limited mindsets because of the wounds and words spoken to us or what happened to us.

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