Mar 30

107. Spiritual Self-Care: E13 - Finding Joy in Adversity (Tools & Tips)

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How do we obtain emotional freedom that leads to joy? A Healing Peace provides practical tips for overcoming anxiety while examining techniques that promote self-care. Learn how to improve emotional stability by connecting with God and oneself.

Spiritual Self-Care: E13 - Finding Joy in Adversity (Tools & Tips)

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Finding Joy in Adversity (Tools & Tips)

In This Episode

Despite many challenges, we can obtain emotional freedom that leads us to joy. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about connecting with God, maintaining our identity as Christians, focusing our faith in Christ, connecting with others, mental and emotional self-care and, the best time to fight anxiety. Tune in to listen to the different tools and tips you can use to find joy in adversity.

[03:11] Commonality in human beings
[04:50] Connecting with God
[09:32] Maintaining our identity as Christians
[11:33] Scriptures that talk about grace, love, and trust
[14:55] Focusing our faith in Christ
[17:13] Understanding what we need to be for others
[19:16] Mental and emotional self-care
[21:00] Feeding our minds with goodness
[23:10] Paying attention to our anxiety
[25:27] Praying to God to bring joy
[26:51] The best time to fight anxiety
[27:35] Finding peace in Christ


  • We have a commonality as human beings, and in that commonality, there are segments that you will begin to see and share the goodness of transformation when you put them into practice.
  • God’s love is overflowing.
  • As a Christian, set time to go to a quiet place and pray for God’s revelation in your life.
  • To maintain faith in Christ, set time to connect with others and extend joy, grace and, be united in him.
  • Daytime is the most effective time to fight anxiety because we are most alert.

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