Apr 06

108. Spiritual Self-Care: E14 - Positive Self-Talk

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Why is positive self-talk important? Does positive self-talk work? A Healing Peace discusses how life and death reside in what we speak to ourselves and one another. We reveal the benefit of speaking positively to yourself for strength. Learn how to reinforce positive thinking while connecting with God.

Spiritual Self-Care: E14 - Positive Self-Talk

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Positive Self-Talk

In This Episode

It is always good to get moving forward during hard times. What we speak to ourselves and one another affects our strength of moving forward. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks about the power of the tongue, gaining strength from God, and how we can renew our strength in him. Tune in to listen to how we can reinforce positive thinking while connecting with God.

[03:15] The power of the tongue
[05:42] Getting strength for positive self-talk from God
[06:53] Lauren Daigle song, You Say
[07:56] God made us successful
[09:09] God, a healer and a miracle worker
[10:05] God the almighty father
[11:42] God’s favor and goodness for us
[12:46] Renewing our strength in positive self-talk


  • It is always challenging to speak good things to ourselves consistently, especially when there is chaos around us.
  • If you are fighting thoughts that you are not good enough, pray to God to remind you who you are.
  • What we say to ourselves contains the power of life and death.
  • Bad situations make us stronger.
  • It takes time to understand that you are a stronger person during difficulties.
  • God’s face shines upon us, and he is gracious to us.

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