Nov 30

141. Spiritual Self-Care: E47 - Healthy Family Dynamics (Tools & Tips)

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Can you achieve healthy family dynamics? Is there such a thing as a perfect family? A Healing Peace reveals the power in reinforcing and building healthy behaviors. These healthy behaviors produce love, happiness, and harmony. Learn how to grow healthy in your family and other relationships.

Spiritual Self-Care: E47 - Healthy Family Dynamics (Tools & Tips)

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Healthy Family Dynamics (Tools and Tips)

In This Episode

The most important thing in this world is family and love. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, shares some important tools that can be used to build a healthy family. Kemir talks about resources to keep us through our journey and growth, learning how to express our needs and feelings healthy, the joys of journaling, and identifying the hurt and deep feelings. She also shares some insights on managing our anger, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, healthy distractions, overcoming evil with good, and coming up with a game plan to manage situations. Tune in to learn more ways to build a healthy and prosperous family.


[03:20] Kemir Baker’s exercising experience

[12:02] Resources to keep us through our journey and growth

[13:29] Learning how to express your needs and feelings

[15:31] The joys of journaling

[16:06] Identifying the hurt and deep feelings

[17:54] Managing your anger

[18:56] Healthy distractions

[19:44] Coming up with a game plan to manage situations

[20:24] Overcoming evil with good

[21:46] Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques

[22:40] Doing the work to establish a safe place for real communication


  • In our growth, we allow God to provide the long-term transformation we seek.
  • Exercising healthy behaviors is just like physical exercise. Not moving our bodies and exerting our muscles causes a long-term effect.
  • Journaling, praying, and healthy communication can help manage your anger.
  • We all need refreshing.
  • Love covers a multitude of sins.

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