Nov 23

140. Spiritual Self-Care: E46 - Healthy Family Dynamics Pt. 2

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What is a healthy family functioning? Do you have difficulty resolving conflicts with family members? A Healing Peace continues to speak to a professional counselor, Tanya Guinn to provide tools for emotional calmness instead of reacting during the family conflict. Learn how to effectively communicate your feelings during the turmoil.

Spiritual Self-Care: E46 - Healthy Family Dynamics Pt. 2

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Healthy Family Dynamics Pt. 2

In This Episode

Family is an essential in the world. In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, talks with Tanya Guinn, a family counselor. Tanya talks about what we can do to take pauses and self-reflect, the consequences of not taking responsibility, and the importance of establishing those consequences in a family. She also shares some insights on the effects of minimizing or denying our problems in family dynamics, reasons for denying our problems, the things we can do to help us tackle self-denial, the origin of anger, the consequences of staying in anger, and how we can overcome it. Tune in to learn how to communicate effectively and manage anger in family dynamics.


[02:10] How we can take pauses and self-reflect

[05:06] The consequences of not taking responsibility

[07:56] The importance of establishing the consequences

[08:50] The consequences of minimizing or denying our problems in family dynamics

[09:41] Reasons for denying our problems

[10:53] How to tackle self-denial

[13:38] The origin of anger and how to overcome it

[15:04] The consequences of staying in anger

[18:00] The victories Tanya has seen in her counseling journey that can inspire us to take the challenge


  • Life is short. Live your life in such a way that brings happiness.
  • It is essential to let our needs be known.
  • Anger is a very natural emotion. It is a survival technique for a lot of people.
  • Practice behaviors that reach the spiritual, emotional, and social areas of your life to be as healthy as possible.
  • There is no shame in getting help. We all have situations that we must work through.
  • We are all in this broken world, but God is very resourceful. God also provides tools and supports to tackle the challenges in our lives.
  • It is very instrumental to learn and practice the opposite behavior.

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