Feb 16

101. Spiritual Self-Care: E7 - Self-Love and Empowerment Pt. 2

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Have you ever asked is it wrong for me to put my needs first? What will it take to prioritize your self-love journey? A Healing Peace continues to speak with a life coach, Shana Campbell and explores the journey of self-awareness. In the journey, we embrace our authentic selves instead of living in a formed identity. Learn how being self-aware emphasizes our personal growth victories.

Spiritual Self-Care: E7 - Self-Love and Empowerment Pt. 2

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Self-Love and Empowerment Pt. 2

In This Episode

People seek approval from others. If you do not love yourself, no one will. Not loving yourself makes it difficult to love others. In this episode, Shana Campbell, a self-love empowerment coach, tells us the journey of self-love, love attributes and how we can embrace them and, what the Bible explains about loving ourselves.

[03:30] The journey of self-love
[05:30] Small victories empowering more enormous achievements
[07:40] Self-love reflecting identity
[09:40] Losing some part of ourselves
[11:26] True self-care
[13:30] How the Bible correlates with loving ourselves
[16:55] Love attributes and how we can embrace them
[22:36] Importance of being yourself in self-empowerment
[25:40] Healthy self-love
[26:40] Recommendations for self-love and empowerment


  • Celebrate the small wins because they lead to more immense achievements.
  • Self-care is the act of self-love, and the empowerment piece comes from it.
  • The beginning of a journey of a thousand miles is a single step.
  • There is no need to seek external validation because it starts from within.
  • When you give your love to yourself, then you will know how to provide it to others.

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