Feb 23

102. Spiritual Self-Care: E8 - Self-Love Empowerment Tools & Tips

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Tired of hearing others tell you to love yourself? Ready to do something about it? A Healing Peace provides steps and strategies to accept yourself unapologetically and to walk authentically. Learn how to allow yourself to live the life that God has designed for you.

Spiritual Self-Care: E8 - Self-Love Empowerment Tools & Tips

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Self-Love Empowerment (Tools & Tips)

In This Episode

In this episode, Kemir Baker, podcast host, summarizes key principles about self-love and empowerment from our previous two episodes shared by Shana Campbell, a self-love empowerment coach. Kemir talks about the importance of giving ourselves a time out, transforming our mindsets, and working our plans on self-empowerment. Tune in to listen to how we can advance in our careers by changing our mindsets.

[04:40] Items that Shana expressed about self-love
[06:10] Importance of giving yourself a time out
[07:42] Permitting yourself to look within
[10:09] Finding support
[11:40] Reflecting on situations of a positive outcome
[15:00] Transforming our mindsets
[16:40] Celebrating victories
[18:11] Working on our plans


  • Self-love is an opportunity to determine who you are.
  • It takes courage to love.
  • Our false core beliefs are the root cause of many problems.
  • Even though we are not perfect, take time to celebrate the small victories.
  • To grow in self-love and to get back to your true identity requires work and commitment.
  • Loving yourself is about finding your authentic self and coming back to a place to how you are created in God’s image.

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