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Our tools and tips come directly from our podcast episodes. To fully understand the context of our tools & tips, please listen to each podcast episode (48. A New You: E12 – I Know Who I Am (Biblical Meditation), 50. A New You: E14 – I Will Exhale (Releasing Emotions), 52. A New You: E16 – I Will Not Be Afraid to Rest (Tools & Tips for Biblical Meditation)). You may consider listening to the episode (46. A New You: E10 - I Believe What The Bible Says About Me) which introduces this podcast segment. Lastly, we recommend picking one or two items to start focusing on. Jot down how you want to put these things into practice as well as your progression in them. When you are proactive in taking small steps, before you know it, you would have walked a mile, or two, or three.

Normally when people blow-up and say crazy things to me, I brush it off. I am like that is your problem. Do not give me your problem! But recently, I had an experience, where I was not prepared for the blow-up. I was working with a client and it came out of nowhere. The things the person said to me! I was like wow! What made this encounter so different was that my character was attacked. The person’s statements landed and it forced me to re-evaluate my character. Am I as bad as what that person just described? I always considered myself to be intelligent, reliable, and hardworking. However, at that moment, I could not remember my good qualities. After taking the person’s blow, I could not shake it for days. I then went to the far extreme and began to think that I did not have anything good to offer people. I finally went to pray this out. As I started to pray, I began to remember my meditation scriptures of your beauty is perfect and complete. I remembered, I wonderfully and fearfully made. Yes, these scriptures came to my mind. At that moment, I was like well God, I do not believe it. But then the scriptures became louder in my head. Then I was like, okay God I hear you. It is about what you think of me regardless of what others think. I thanked God for the reminder. For that moment, I felt at peace. But that didn’t last long. The next day, I was back at square one. I remembered saying out loud, I am just broken. Luckily, that evening, I did my meditation routine. I played scriptures on repeat, laid down, and did my breathing exercises. During that time, I fought to get my thoughts from racing and especially to not think so poorly of myself. Finally, about twenty minutes in, I settled down. The gentle whisper came, and I heard your brokenness will lead many people to me. When I heard that I just cried. Then I said, I am definitely broken. I also exhaled. God knew that I was not perfect and it was okay. Not only that, but God has a purpose for my brokenness. I then thought, whoa, who am I that God will use me this way. Yes, broken, and hot mess central. However God sees an instrument for good. I am His instrument.

  1. Just because you spend time meditating on God’s word does not mean that your life will be free from obstacles and people doing crazy things toward you.
  2. To almost have a chance, you have to keep seeking God’s face. You have to continually infuse your mind, spirit, and body with God’s goodness. Just think if I had not been playing my scriptures. The repeat allowed them to come to mind when I needed them the most.
  3. Just because you remember the scriptures, does not mean that they will fix your problem. I had to fight to believe and make them real for me.
  4. To have a chance, I had to slow down. I had to rest in Him. When I rested, I was able to hear that gentle whisper. It is so hard to hear God in the midst of the noise. For me, my own emotions were the noise.
  5. Meditating on God allowed me to embrace who I was created to be which includes my brokenness.
  6. Meditating on God allowed me to be more self-aware. I realized that even though I was broken, there was good designed for me. I was also humbled by what God wants me to be for Him.
  7. Our body stores emotions and should be released. One method for release is to cry. I am a proppant of tears. I sure did cry with God. I spent time with Him so He could heal my heart and pain. Not only was I allowing God to work, but I was releasing the emotional anxiety from my body.
  8. Doing breathing exercises also help to release those intense emotions.