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Our tools and tips come directly from our podcast episodes. To fully understand the context of our tools & tips, please listen to each podcast episode (80. A New You: E42 – Preserving Your Value, 81. A New You: E43 – Preserving Your Value Pt. 2, 82. A New You: E44 – Preserving Your Value (Tools & Tips)). You may consider listening to the episode (79. A New You: E41 - The Great Value Within) which introduces this podcast segment. Lastly, we recommend picking one or two items to start focusing on. Jot down how you want to put these things into practice as well as your progression in them. When you are proactive in taking small steps, before you know it, you would have walked a mile, or two, or three.

1. Charice shared how the brain protects us from trauma. She also expressed that God does not expose deeper issues until we are equipped to deal with them. Therefore, when the issues or memories surface, try to remember that God is letting you know that it is time to heal in that area.

2. Charice mentioned that triggers allow us to know that we are not over the hurt and pain. Unfortunately, if you were stuffing your emotions before the trigger, the trigger is an alarm to indicate that stuffing is no longer a temporary solution.

3. Sometimes you are unaware that you have been stuffing those deep emotions. You also may not know specifically why you are experiencing emotional pain. Therefore, take the time to cry out to God asking for his help to navigate through the emotional pain.

4. God gave us rich emotions. They have a place in our lives. However, when we are not being honest about our emotions with God, we limit our personal growth. When we turn our emotions over to God, we allow Him to mend the broken places of our being.

5. One method for turning things over to God is by being transparent with Him in our prayers. Unlike people, God can handle all that we dish out. Let Him have it!

6. While working tips 4 & 5, do not give up. It is so easy to throw in the towel. Therefore, Tip 6 is do not stop putting forth the effort for emotional growth. When we stop giving God our pain, we are quickly bombarded with negative emotions that hinder our transformation.

7. Please remember that self-care includes getting your emotional needs met. You are worth not being last.

8. Sometimes we require more help for emotional growth. Sometimes reading the Bible and praying is not enough for the support that we require. Do not beat yourself up about this. There is no shame or guilt in seeking more support from those who can provide better tools to get you to the next stage of your life.

9. Counseling aligns with Christian values. When I was growing up, I learned the opposite because those around me figured that reading the Bible and praying should be enough. As we already discussed in the previous tip, there is no shame or guilt in learning methods to manage our emotions and pain.

10. We have shared this tip numerously throughout the podcast that being safe relationships. Safe relationships are included in requiring more support in our journeys. I liked how Charice provided a tip for discovering them. She stated open up little by little. Each time you provide more information, take note of how the person responds to you. If the person responds with care and willingness to be involved in your life as well as sharing about her life, then continue to open up. Charice revealed that it is okay if she is not equipped to be a deeper source of support. It’s also okay to continue to do fun things with the individual. However, feel free to continue to search for the support you require on your journey.