Shifting Your Mindset

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Apr 20

110. Spiritual Self-Care: E16 – Emotional Health Pt. 2

Have you caught yourself thinking about the worse outcome? Perhaps paralyzed by fear or anger? A Healing Peace continues to interview a Professional Counselor about the benefits of mindfulness to reduce stress and center our thoughts. Learn how to focus on healthy self-care that reduces stress and emotional duress. Do not forget to subscribe to […]
Apr 13

109. Spiritual Self-Care: E15 – Emotional Health

Why is emotional health important? Is it possible to have vibrant emotional health? A Healing Peace speaks with a Professional Christian Counselor (Bev Ozanne) to address our social and emotional well-being in our new normal. We explore working through our fears, thoughts, grief, and loss. Learn how emotional health influences spiritual health. Do not forget […]
Apr 06

108. Spiritual Self-Care: E14 – Positive Self-Talk

Why is positive self-talk important? Does positive self-talk work? A Healing Peace discusses how life and death reside in what we speak to ourselves and one another. We reveal the benefit of speaking positively to yourself for strength. Learn how to reinforce positive thinking while connecting with God. Do not forget to subscribe to our […]