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Jul 27

124. Spiritual Self-Care: E30 – Overcoming Evil With Good

Have you been treated poorly or harshly? Maybe you were misunderstood and experienced someone’s wrath in return? A Healing Peace explores motivates behind evil behavior and hurting others. Learn how to diffuse hostility with God’s goodness. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel in your favorite app! Overcoming Evil with Good In This Episode […]
Jul 20

123. Spiritual Self-Care: E29 – Confidence That Wows

Have you wondered how confidence affects your life? Do you sometimes tell yourself that you wish you could be more confident? A Healing Peace highlights strategies to increase confidence for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Learn how confidence is built. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel in your favorite app! Confidence That Wows […]
Jul 13

122. Spiritual Self-Care: E28 – Combatting Emotional Shutdowns

Stuck in a time-out rut? Overwhelmed by life? It is quite common to feel pressured, stressed, or overwhelmed. How we manage our emotions is key for combatting emotional shutdowns. A Healing Peace discusses the meaning of emotionally shutting down, why we do it, and the actions involved when we do it. A Healing Peace explores […]
Jul 06

121. Spiritual Self-Care: E27 – Personal Growth & Development

How does God influence our continuous personal development? Do you have goals to improve your life? Sometimes, we need help in developing our personal growth ideas. A Healing Peace discusses one principle for spiritual and personal growth. Learn a key for self-awareness and spiritual understanding. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel in your […]
Jun 29

120. Spiritual Self-Care: E26 – Faith & Emotions

How can our Christian walk complement our emotions? How do we address our emotional wounds while developing our spiritual growth? A Healing Peace examines good mental and emotional health with the support of God. Learn how God is a safe place for healing our emotional wounds. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel in […]
Jun 22

119. Spiritual Self-Care: E25 – Releasing Limiting Beliefs (Tools & Tips)

Are you ready to release your limiting beliefs? Do you want strategies that help you maintain a positive belief system? A Healing Peace identifies the self-awareness required to alter your belief system. Learn how God designed you to reach heights in your belief system. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel in your favorite […]
Jun 15

118. Spiritual Self-Care: E24 – Releasing Limiting Beliefs Pt. 2

Can you change limiting beliefs? Do you want to know how to overcome limiting beliefs? A Healing Peace continues to speak with a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor, Sindhu Jefferson about rewriting limiting beliefs. We explore the healthy brain activity that heals and retrains to a positive belief system. Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs with […]
Jun 08

117. Spiritual Self-Care: E23 – Releasing Limiting Beliefs

What is the difference between a limiting belief and a positive belief? What beliefs do you have about yourself that limit you? A Healing Peace speaks with a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor, Sindhu Jefferson on the cause and development of limiting beliefs. We explore the brain patterns and return to a flourishing state. Learn how […]
Jun 01

116. Spiritual Self-Care: E22 – Finding Hope

During tough times, have you asked, “Where can I find hope in the Bible”? Or, you may ask, “Can tragedy and hope coexist”? A Healing Peace explores a biblical story about finding hope in God. Learn how challenging circumstances can produce negative thought patterns that lead to our limiting beliefs. Do not forget to subscribe […]
May 25

115. Spiritual Self-Care: E21 – Winner Mindset (Tools & Tips)

Are you ready to possess a winning mindset to conquer life’s hurdles? Do you want the secrets to be victorious? A Healing Peace establishes a road map for cultivating a winning mindset in our Christian walk. Learn how authenticity, gratitude, and our designed purposes lead to achieving our dreamed lifestyle. Winner Mindset (Tools & Tips) […]