Four Principles for Emotional Healing

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There are four principles that will strengthen you on your healing journey. Basically, we are saying no no no to emotional hurt prevailing in our lives. When I share them, you will most likely say, “Well that’s pretty obvious!” I totally agree. My hope is that these four little principles will be something that we can put into practice on a consistent basis. It’s those little things at times which are so hard to implement. Also, consider picking up the companion workbooks to the Moving Beyond Emotional Hurt series. These books provide a practical daily approach to encourage and empower your spirits when addressing emotional hurt. One of the authors is a Christian counselor who provides a simple approach in transforming your heart and mind when dealing with emotional hurt.

Four Principles:

  1. Transformation PRAYER!
  2. Finding the truth.
  3. Be your best cheerleader which embraces your value.
  4. Discover something that you like doing which may lead to your purpose.